Aware of our Hair!

Yay to the first post on the Hairy Awarey home page!

Thanks for coming. I thought I’d better get this set up soon since June & July are up and coming and if you’re planning on participating in Hairy Awarey you may need time to grow you hair back. If you haven’t already, why not pop by the About page to see what Hairy Awarey is all about.

woman's armpit showing hair with text reading "Beauty Is Nothing"So why have we started Hairy Awarey? Well there is the prevailing feeling among women that to publicly show their body hair is unacceptable (reasons and debates about this in another post I think!) After seeing a blog post about this very thing, the comments made extremely interesting reading. Some women liked to remove their hair, others didn’t and pretty much everyone said they didn’t mind what others chose to do. However many of them claimed they would rather be more hairy than they are now but felt the wider world would not allow it. Many said they would let themselves be hairy if they saw other people doing it, or would only be brave enough if someone else did it too. The Hairy Awarey crowd have always tried to show their hair, in a small scale mission to show the world that hair is acceptable, but it seemed something a bit more was needed.

So, we at Hairy Awarey are encouraging everyone to show their hair all at once so that women can be free of this taboo forever. We’re doing it, many people are doing it and this is an excuse to get together with your hairy friends and do it too. It may be that you “grow” but don’t “show”, it may be that you’ve got some growing to do. It may be that you’re a shower (good on you!) but there’s still a final taboo to overcome. It may be that you can’t ever imagine yourself growing or showing, but perhaps you’ll ask the people around you what they think about it, and you may be surprised.

Whatever you do for Hairy Awarey, do it together and do it with pride.


One response to “Aware of our Hair!

  1. Below is a comment I left at

    Hi Remy,

    Its your hairy admirer’s -cpucpu1, the fellow that turned you on to the concept of Rainforest’s for your lovely hairy armpits! I just thought you would like to see the blog post I just made @ Do you think women with hairy armpits are ok
    Posted in the Charlotte Forum…… Here it is:

    All women deserve to have it fully natural! For all the well intentioned health and beauty issues, it really comes down to nature knows best. You don’t see in the animal kingdom unshaven armpits! The natural pit on both men and women are natures natural perfume orifice, yes sweat and pheromones are natures way to ATTRACT the opposite sex to each other. To me, its a womens wonderful rainforest’s temple, the natural hairy beautiful armpit! And hair on the rest of their lovely bodies is exotic, erotic, and just plain gorgeous, too!

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