What can I do to celebrate hairy awarey?

Hairy Awarey isn’t hard to join in with. But there is one thing you have to do in preparation and that’s grow some hair. This act alone may be inspiring for you. If so, fantastic!  Now that you’ve participated in Hairy Awarey you can honestly say that your future hair removal choices are just that, a choice.

However, the aim of Hairy Awarey is a hair consciousness-raising session and if you can grow your hair and show it off too then we’re on our way. This may just be not caring about whether your nearest and dearest catch a glimpse of that armpit, or it may be going the whole hog in public.  Try something small at first and then build up.

When I first dared to show my hair (unshaved legs and *gasp* shorts) I had a surge of nerves when it came to the big day (This was the first of many incidences when I questioned if not-shaving is really a choice for most women). But, as I walked around day after day I realised that not only was no-one approaching me to tell me off about my hairy legs but no-one was even the slight bit interested, or even able to see my hairy legs if they were. And this will hopefully be one of the outcomes of Hairy Awarey – realising that one’s own fears about showing hair in public are much stronger than any societal sanctions.


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