Including everyone with Hairy Awarey

Some of you may be positive that you are not going to participate in Hairy Awarey because you just can’t give up that silky skin feeling or you just plain don’t want to. But I think that does not exclude you from Hairy Awarey as there is nothing to stop you from going along to any get together or flaunting session as a non-hairy participant. Since this is consciousness raising the discussion is one of the most important things and adding your voice to that discussion is vital.

If you’re a man you may feel a bit alienated by Hairy Awarey. Please don’t! Your voice is essential too, whether in discussion  or something as simple as telling your friends/partner that you like their hair, which is so good to hear.  Please don’t derail any conversations by reminding us that you have to shave every day, we know you do and there are various grow your beard days/events in many countries for you to join in with, plus we at Hairy Awarey lurve beards – so stop moaning and stop shaving yourselves. Anyway, all the women stepping out in hair will need all the help they can get and as man friends you are very well placed to do just that.

Hairy for all!


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