…and 23% don’t give a shit

A pertinent advert perhaps for Hairy Awarey. It’s good to know that if you don’t shave your under arms, you not only save money on all that shaving equipment, you don’t need this new Dove deodorant either.

There are so many ways to ignore/rip the piss out of this advert as a Hairy woman. Firstly, they assume we all shave, so the hairy woman can happily imagine tripping this advert over and watching it fall flat on its face with glee within ten seconds of the ad.

The ad then makes a nice mental leap to the fact that “calm and caring” deodorant is good news for your love life, or at least, good news for pillow fighting with a man in your underwear. Luckily, many of us have a love life that either involves a)no-one b) a woman or c)a man who will pillow fight you no matter what status your armpits.

But I gotta say I love the questionable statistics in the ad. Of 2,550 women interviewed (who knows how or where but it’s normally readers of cosmo that have helpfully provided their telephone numbers on free gift coupons) only 77% “feel sexier when their underarms look good”. Aside from the fact that “look good” is a highly subjective phrase and has nothing to do with the Dove product advertised, that means that 586 women actually answered no when asked this bizarre question.

586 Cosmo readers, I salute you!


2 responses to “…and 23% don’t give a shit

  1. natalie bennett
  2. Ew, he kissed her underarm with that chemical crap on it.

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