2011 Hairy Awarey is here!!

Hello hello and welcome back to Hairy Awarey for the second year running! You know the drill, we like our body hair but want to show it more, so June and July are the months to get out your summer clothes knowing other women are doing it too. It’s a chance to free yourself from long black leggings in 25 degrees of heat and a chance to meet & talk to other women about their body hair – yay!

I hope you like the slightly updated look of the site – we now have pictures linked in with our flickr group (please join and upload your photos!) how technological we’re getting here at Hairy Towers.

So, it’s not June yet but it’s time to put those razors away so you can have something to show off during the campaign and hopefully beyond.

A little hairy story: I saw a few shocked faces when I went parading around all over the place during the last bank holiday weekend showing off my fabulous paintballing bruises. I suddenly realised long after the fact that some of that shock might not have been to do with my obvious agony but rather that the viewers in question weren’t really used to seeing a female hairy leg. I remember clearly when I used to feel like that, but I’ve no idea when it stopped! Perhaps it was June and July last year….

Have a good one!!!


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