Hairy Awarey runs for all of June and July.

To participate simply grow whatever hair you feel you want to, wear your summer clothes as normal, and enjoy!

Take heart, other women around the country are doing the same, including those women from last year and others who go hairy all the time anyway.

If the spirit moves, take a few pics on an outing and submit them to our group on flickr.

Men: this campaign is for women, get your own if you want one, but we at Hairy Awarey love men’s body hair as much as women’s, so sport your beards, bare your chests, and get chatting to women about how they feel towards their body hair.

What else can you do? Talking to people is always interesting. Asking questions is a great way to get the thoughts rolling. Sharing your experiences will be good for all, including the teller. Above all, be truly at peace with the body you live in.


One response to “Info

  1. Nice one.

    Jen, Bristol.

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