I’ve met many women and heard many opinions ranging from the practical to the philosophical on the subject of body hair. Of these many women I’ve met I’ve seen a narrower variation in what they actually practice with regards to body hair.

I have met some women who currently would rather not remove their body hair, but for some reason they feel they must. While others feel comfortable with their decision not to remove their body hair, but feel they are obliged to make sure their clothes never reveal this fact in public. Still others are happy for their bodies to have hair, do not moderate their clothing to hide this fact and yet have to live in a culture where their hair is negatively commented upon, either by strangers or more intimate people in their lives.

This blog, this campaign, this consciousness-raising exercise is for them. If you have ever felt that way, this blog is for you.

It is my belief that as a rule, people of this world don’t much care how much or little body hair you have and would not pass judgement or even comment about it.

Since this is so, the ‘invisible’ pressure exerted by bad school experiences and air-brushed 50ft high bill boards is pretty far behind the real opinion of the times.

Hairy Awarey is a two month long consciousness-raising campaign to show that women are hairy, we always have been, you can see it when we wear summery clothes, and no-one cares. It’s to invite women out of their shells, out of their black leggings and sleeved dresses, out of their long swimming trunks and their bathrooms undertaking painful, costly and time-consuming procedures.

Come outside, the air’s lovely.


8 responses to “Rationale

  1. Jess the Cat

    I’m so excited about this campaign! I recently took the decision to start flaunting my own hair, thinking that I was probably the only woman doing so, and was hoping to find some solidarity from other hairy women to encourage me to keep it up. It’s great to know that I’m part of a bigger movement.

    P.S. Being hairy is good for you! I recently went to my G.P. due to some pain in my armpits and he asked if I did anything that could irritate them, like shaving etc. I proudly said that I didn’t!

  2. This is SUCH an ace campaign, I love it. I pretty much never shave, but often have days when I’ll chuck on a pair of leggings even though it’s quite warm, either because I’m Just Not Up To Dealing With Other People’s Issue that day, or I have a work meeting or something. I’m really excited about going to my next work meeting with my airy (and they Are hairy) legs proudly on show, knowing women around the country are doing the same. I’ve always wished it was more common place.
    This campaign and this blog is wonderful…thank you 🙂

  3. I haven’t shaved my pits or legs in almost a decade. I have, however, continued to pluck the hairs on my face (chin, upper lip, eyebrows, etc.), but that’s all over now. Anyhow, I live in a conservative area, & it seems I may be the only hairy gal around. Ha, I don’t give a sh|t. I’m free!

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  5. i love a hairy woman, it is reall exciting. we have to fight to stop taking out the hair, nature made it because it is good.

  6. noé ribeiro de freitas

    I love very much hairy women, nature ever forever!!!

  7. Hi Every one I so into natural women , they are so difficult to find ,you see women in videos and pictures but in reality women all remain hairless what is this about in te 70s and 80s women were natural. Ihave a Mexican GF she stays hairy for me which is so nice we have had nauralist holidays and we see thatpeople are staring and are shocked. We wuld like to meet other similar couples to us , keep up the great work

  8. Love this campaign. I HATE shaving – I have thick, dark hair on my legs, and shaving gives me ingrown hairs and causes pain and itching. I really, really want to have the courage to stop shaving. Every Winter I grow out my hair, but then come Spring I just can’t face other people’s reactions and the shaving starts again. This campaign gives me courage – if other women can do it, maybe I can too. Maybe next Spring will be different! Thank you! x

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