Who owns this anyway?

Jessica Burton is a feminist, menstrual & bisexual activist, gender terrorist and cyclist. She lives in the fair city of Bristol, the spiritual home she will never leave. She lives with 13 other people in what most outsiders mistake for a squat, it is her own stupid fault for paying rent at all. The household family nurtures and changes her in amazing ways. An ex- Jehovah’s Witness, she is ever in anticipation of a better world for all, since it’s not imminently about to end in a blaze of fire & sulphur after all – woo-hoo!!!


2 responses to “Who owns this anyway?

  1. Love your site, it’s about time. Great idea!

  2. Hi, I hope this website is up to date. I am on the same page as it seems you are – creating awareness to stop expecting hairless female bodies. I hope we can support each other or have some kind of collaboration to help end the ridicule of female hair. Here is my contact/website “WOMEN HAVE HAIR” http://www.mayihelpbeforeidie.com

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